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Why Clelia’s Boutique Rooms and Suites

Hi, my name is Luca and I want to tell you how our Clelia’s Boutique Rooms and Suites was born in La Maddalena.

This project started several years ago when I was working as a hotel commissioner on cruise ships.
The “mantra” that is acquired by working in this sector is to exceed customers’ expectations, which is obtained only with an obsessive attention to detail.
And so, after about 10 years of work in that sector, I decided to go back to the mainland and apply this concept to my own entrepreneurial initiative.
But it was not easy: I was looking for a particular location, which would give the customer maximum comfort but still maintaining the pleasure of staying in the heart of the seaside village of La Maddalena. Finally after 2 years of research I found what I was looking for: a building from the second half of the 19th century, rich in history and charm, in the heart of the historic center.
Of course, completely redoing the interior of a period building presented great difficulties. But in the end the tenacity and determination to carry out this project were stronger than all adversities and mishaps. I invested everything I had, but the result was worth it: a structure at the top of comfort, located in a unique position in the center of La Maddalena.
The name then came by itself: the dream of my own company could only take the name of my daughter, what I have most important in one name.
And so, day after day, I manage my structure with passion: to the attention to detail in the reception I added my knowledge of the places and the passion in presenting La Maddalena at its best.
To make you live not a simple stay, but an experience full of emotions in a fantastic place.

I’ll wait for you at Clelia’s Boutique Rooms and Suites

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